Canopy Client Portal configuration

This page contains instructions for configuring the Canopy Client Portal with a Canopy instance, after installation.

Step-by-step guide

After the Canopy Client Portal has been successfully installed, the following setup steps are required to get it in a usable state:


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Linking the Portal to Canopy

  1. Create a Portal user that will sync data from Canopy:

    canopyportal-manage createsuperuser


    This user account’s details must not be shared with the clients who are the target users of the Portal. Separate Portal user accounts should be created for them (step 6).

  2. Log into the Portal’s administration interface, with the new super user account at https://CANOPYPORTAL/admin/.

  3. Add an API token for the super user which will be used to sync data from Canopy to this Portal instance:

    1. Click + Add next to Tokens, or go directly to the Add Token page.
    2. Select the super user in the combo box.
    3. Click Save.
  4. In Canopy’s admin section, ensure that a Portal entry exists for the newly installed Portal. Copy the hexadecimal token, created in step 3, to the Auth Token field of the Portal entry.

  5. In Canopy, associate the appropriate client(s) with the new Portal entry: Clients List → <Select client> → Edit → Portal field.

Creating Portal users

  1. Create and link Portal users to the appropriate Canopy client(s):

    Portal users not linked to any clients, will not be able to log into the standard (non-admin) web interface, even if they are super/admin users.

    1. Select a user from the Portal’s administration user list.
    2. Select the client(s) whose data that user needs access to, in the Clients field (at the time of writing, it is the last field on the page).
    3. Click Save.
  2. (Optional) Log into the Portal with users associated with clients, to check that the expected data is accessible.

To force a sync with the newly added Portal, select the Portal from the Portal list (Admin → Portals) in Canopy and click the Manually synchronize portal toolbar button. All portals can also be manually synced via the command line by running:

canopy-manage portals --sync