Companies have been renamed to “clients”. This section should be updated to reflect that.

Companies in Canopy can mean anything from companies to teams. It is a container for all projects and opportunities for a particular company.

You will only have access to the companies section if you’ve been granted that role. If you have not been granted this role and you believe you need it, contact you administrator.

Listing companies

By navigating to the Companies section from the main menu, you will be shown a list of companies. Form here you can search for the company you want to work with, or add new companies.


Adding a company

Adding a company requires filling in a simple form. There are a number of fields available, which are useful for both identifying and sharing knowledge about the company, and also for use during reporting (e.g. for filling in company specific details in your reports). It’s best to be as complete as possible, as this will help other users when using Canopy.


Access control

Some users have default access to and the ability to create companies, while others need to be granted access. By default, the following users are able to access companies:

Role Permissions (relating to companies)
Administrators ALL access to companies
Technical Managers ALL access to companies
Sales Managers ALL access to companies
Account Managers Ability to create companies

For any other user, such as allowing a Senior Analyst to access for pre-sales use, the specific user must be granted access to the individual company.

The Account Manager is typically a person from the sales team or a pre-sales consultant who will have other business responsibilities around managing that customer.

The company view

The company view gives us a nice overview of each company we work with. For company who you deliver a lot of work to, you will be able to get nice feedback on trends such as test frequency. It’s also possible to upload company-level files. You might use this information for storing any company specific documentation, such as service agreement, contracts, and so on.


Editing a company

To edit a company:

  1. Navigate to the company view
  2. Click on the edit icon
  3. Modify and save

Deleting a company


This is a one way process and cannot be undone.

Deleting a company is a destructive operation. This will effectively remove ALL data associated with the company (projects, opportunities, reports and so on). You should be sure that this operation is your intended action.

To delete a company:

  1. Go to the company view
  2. Click the menu icon and then the Delete option
  3. Confirm the action

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