Reporting issues for support

Before reporting an issue/bug

Make sure you’ve consulted the support documents to ensure you’re not raising an issue which is a known behaviour or has a workaround in place.

Ensure that the issue is repeatable. For example, if you see a UI exception once and clearing the browser cache resolves it, then this may not require immediate inspection. If the issue occurs frequently or can be easily reproduced, a support ticket should be raised.

Try to determine if it’s affecting a single or multiple users. Issues affecting single users could be environment specific.

Review the logs to see if there is anything obvious. For example, if tool imports are not working, this could be due to the canopy-celery service not running. A simple restart may resolve the problem.

Effective issue reporting

When submitting a ticket, please include the following information:

  • A brief description of the issue.

  • Instructions to reproduce the issue.

  • Distinguish if it is affecting a single or multiple users.

  • Provide as much supporting evidence as possible to help us debug the issue.

Here is a sample template:

What is the issue?

Provide a description of the issue. If possible, include any steps to reproduce.

Who is affected by this issue?

Please explain how many users this affects. Include any specific details about authentication systems in use (local auth, LDAP, SSO, etc.).

Supporting evidence

Include screenshots, log files, sample data for reproducing the issue where possible. If it’s a complex issue, a short video can really help illustrate the point (smile).


All Canopy related log files are stored using systemd. The log data can be accessed using the following commands:

sudo journalctl -u canopy --since today
sudo journalctl -u canopy-celery --since today
sudo journalctl -u canopyportal --since today

these can be combined also:

sudo journalctl -u canopy -u canopy-celery -u canopy-docserver --since today

For a good overview of systemd logs, please see this article:

Where possible, please include the log data (e.g. for the past 24 hours) relating to Canopy whenever submitting an issue. User interface exceptions are also logged to the back-end. If you are asked for any information from the browser’s debug console, this information can be obtained in the following ways: