Canopy provides an API and plugin system for extending its capabilities. However, certain integrations are managed by the Canopy Development Team as they are common across a number of our users.

Supported integrations

Technology / Product



Ticket System Framework


A base ticket system framework developed by CheckSec and used for building support for integration with other ticketing systems.



A popular ticket tracking system from Atlassian, built on top of the base Ticket System Framework.



This is a generic implementation for SAMLv2 to be used as the basis for supporting other authentication frameworks, such as Siteminder and OKTA.



Canopy’s notification and scheduling system make use of email for out-of-app user messaging.



iCal attachments for integration with calendaring systems via email.

Canopy Client Portal


The Canopy Client Portal is an extension of Canopy for safely isolating and presenting individual client assessment data and plans.

Active Directory / LDAP


Centralised authentication system integration with Microsoft and other LDAP environments.

Generic two-factor authentication framework


Support for this is handled via SAML integration.

Supported security tools

For a list of Canopy’s integration with security assessment tools, see Supported tools.

Planned integrations

The following items are planned for future integration, although no specific dates are available at this time:

  • Archer RSA: The requirement is to allow for direct submission of vulnerability data and project statistics into the Archer GRC product from RSA.

  • Bitbucket: A widely used ticketing system.

  • Github: A widely used ticketing system.

  • Microsoft Dynamics: For syncing client data and also handing off opportunities from Salesforce to Canopy for technical scoping and delivery.

  • Microsoft Sharepoint: Referencing content and pushing documents to Sharepoint instances.

  • Remedy: A widely used enterprise ticketing system.

  • Salesforce: For syncing Clients data and also handing off opportunities from Salesforce to Canopy for technical scoping and delivery.

  • Security assessment tool connectors: Extend our existing framework of tool parsers and importers to allow for direct integration with tools such as Nessus, Qualys, Fortify, and more. This will facilitate direct importing of data from such tools, rather than the current file import approach.

Something missing?

We’re always open to extending Canopy’s use through third party integration. We would be happy to talk to you about any integrations which are not listed above. Just drop us a mail on