Data Import/Export

The Data import/export admin feature allows for the exporting and importing of Canopy configuration data as a JSON file. The exported data can be used to backup the configuration, or to migrate the configuration to another Canopy instance.

The following data types are supported:

  • Finding categories and attack classes

  • Custom fields

  • Phase Types

  • Field Sets and Field Configuration

  • Tool field mapping

  • Skills

  • Settings

Only admin users can access the Data import/export feature.


This feature is still experimental. It and its data formats are subject change.


The EXPORT button exports all supported data types to a JSON file.


The IMPORT button imports all supported data types from a JSON file. The JSON file obtained via the EXPORT button can be used as is for importing.

The import will update existing items, or create them if they don’t already exist. The import action will not delete any existing items or create duplicates.

If only a specific type of data is needed, the import file can be edited to remove the unneeded data types.

The JSON scheme of the import file can be found here System Data.


The “default” field set set will be ignored for importing and exporting.


An import action cannot be undone. Importing a backup file will only partially reverse the effects of an accidental import action. Items created during the accidental import will need to be manually deleted.