Field sets and Field configurations

Canopy allows for the overriding of some builtin fields and custom fields. This allows one to rename or disable fields in certain areas of the user interface.

Field configurations are grouped into field sets. The base fieldset must be named default. Additional fieldset can be created and must be linked to a phase type.

This feature is currently in beta and has many limitations, the foremost being the lack of a UI to configure it and the limited number of fields supported.

Supported Fields

All custom fields and the following builtin fields:
  • finding.attack_class

  • finding.background

  • finding.category

  • finding.cvss2_score

  • finding.cvss3_score

  • finding.description

  • finding.exploit_available

  • finding.pci_status

  • finding.recommendation

  • finding.retest_update

  • finding.summary

  • finding.status_message

  • phase.description

  • phase.location

  • phase.location_notes

  • phase.notes

  • phase.report_days

  • phase.skills

  • phase.technical_lead

  • phase.test_days

  • phase.total_days

  • templatefinding.attack_class

  • templatefinding.background

  • templatefinding.category

  • templatefinding.cvss2_score

  • templatefinding.cvss3_score

  • templatefinding.description

  • templatefinding.exploit_available

  • templatefinding.pci_status

  • templatefinding.recommendation

  • templatefinding.retest_update

  • templatefinding.summary

Phase type field sets

Field sets that are linked to a phase type will become active in phase related sections when the phase has a phase type set.

Currently these sections are:
  • Phase view

  • Phase creation/edit dialog

  • Re-test creation dialog

  • Finding view

  • Finding creation/edit dialog