About Canopy

Canopy’s story begins with the frustration of writing reports for penetration tests and security assessments. When we started the project, we felt that the available tools were not quite what was needed for solving the different solutions consultancies and internal security teams face when they need to aggregate their test data (manual and tool-generated), and turn it into a professional report that matched the existing and future requirements of each client - as opposed to forcing them into a standardised report.

Reporting was the first issue we wanted to address. However, it became clear from the start that there were other problems teams were facing, including:

  • Tracking projects

  • Sharing knowledge

  • Scheduling resources

  • Scoping opportunities

  • Issuing statements of work

  • Easily creating stats and analytics

  • Vulnerability tracking

  • Data exporting

  • Third party system integration

  • And much more

Canopy has developed to support our users’ needs, and has gradually become the complete solution for security assessment management. We like to think of it as the security team’s equivalent to a business support tool, such as a CRM. By working with our users, our goal is to help improve efficiencies and extend the capabilities of teams to deliver security assessments quicker, improve quality, work with their clients better and gain advantages over their competitors.